Photo of Vitaly


Vitaly's parents were deprived of their parental rights and he was involved in our mentoring program for many years. He was not permitted to leave Ukraine with the YouthReach International team when the war broke out due to his age. He remains in Lviv where he is trying to find a job. He is very interested in motorcycles and enjoys watching movies. A sponsor's support and encouragement are extremely important during these difficult times in Ukraine.

Krasnoarmeisk Mentoring Community
Donetsk Region, Ukraine

Vitaly's Unmet Needs

Youth Mentoring

YouthReach International regularly visits orphanages to build relationships with children through games, sporting events, crafts and holiday celebrations. YouthReach strives to maintain relationships with these children after they graduate from the orphanage. This is a crucial time for them to connect with the church and the mentors in a deeper way as they often graduate into a world which they are not prepared for. YouthReach's goal is that these children will come to know Jesus as their Heavenly Father and find a permanent family through the Church.

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