Photo of Aleksandr

Aleksandr "Sasha" Demenev

Aleksandr, known as Sasha, lives with his foster mother and an older foster brother. His father is unknown and his mother was deprived of her parental rights. He has had a tough time along with his three blood brothers. They were split up and moved around to various orphanages. Finally, in 2020, he was taken in by a foster mom, where he is slowly adjusting. He enjoys literature and wants to become a theater actor. He also enjoys computer games, listening to music, dancing, playing with LEGOs, and riding bikes. A sponsor's support will help to ensure that Sasha can stay in his current situation and not be forced to move again.

Tomsk Christian Church Mentoring Community
Tomsk, Russia
3rd Grade

Aleksandr's Unmet Needs

Youth Mentoring

Each child is connected to a local Christian mentor. Sponsorship funds will assist in mentoring programs and basic and educational needs including participation in the "On A Cloud" Art Studio each month and an annual camp environment.

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Total required to fully sponsor Aleksandr: $78