Chinyemba Chiseya

Community: Zambia Mentoring Community
Location: Choma , Zambia
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 18, 2000
Age: 20
School: Choma Day Secondary School
Grade: 12
Chinyemba enjoys soccer and helps at home with gardening. His parents are living but don't have steady work. He lives with one of his sisters and has four other siblings. Chinyemba is interested in becoming a professional mechanic.

Chinyemba's Unmet Needs

Youth Mentoring
Each youth is connected to a local Christian mentor or mentoring couple as many families in the church here have taken mentoring as part of their ministry. Sponsorship funds in this community will assist in getting these youths into their job training or college programs so they can finish education, find meaningful work, provide for themselves, and prepare to have their own families in the future.
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